Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Modest Proposal (satire This does not reflect my actual views) (FINAL)

     In the greatest American cities, there lies hidden, a widespread issue.  Homelessness impacts the cities' crime and reputation, which comes to effect tourism. As seen today, the homeless shelters are not helping enough as there is not enough space. Imagine being left out of the shelter as all of your best, drunk, homeless friends get a spot.  Having to take refuge in the commoners bench is far out of the question.  It is rude of them to do so but they have no choice so they will muck the bench with their shoes and cruddy newspaper greasing u the back of what be your future seat.  This is disgusting and could spread diseases that the homeless genes carry.  The winter however is the worst. The endangerment the homeless who take to the streets in the fierce, relentless winter, will face doom them to a long cold death.  With the number of homeless citizens rising, another solution must be found.
     Therefore, for the the good of the homeless community, I propose that houses are built for the unfortunate people.  This will allow them to live safely, as the cities revenue enhances.  This will not only aid the homeless, the unemployed will gain jobs too.  They will build the houses alongside their future owner.  Their will be jobs for all types of former careers. Lumberjacks will get the wood, truckers will ship the wood, and the builders and architects will construct the house.  Also, nearby stores will gain revenue from their new customers.  Everybody wins in an increase of local capitalism.  This solution is not only the most logical, but also the most profitable to everybody.
     With a movement this large, others will find short-term, cheap solutions or situations to suspend any solution.  There is the fact that nobody is really troubled by the homeless.  However, the homeless feel embarrassed to beg for money the pubic show off.  It's time to think of the poor for once, not us, the fortunate ones.  Also, deep down inside, we all know the homeless bother us.  We lock our doors as the come by our cars, and look away as if they are untouchables.  In reality they are.  So they must be separated from us to keep the children safe and let them live together away from us.  Overall, this is a very costly decision.  This will take billions to perform.  With homeless having really no choice for the inevitable winter, we do not have to make the modern house.  Instead, a more modest design will fit them.  One room should be enough.  As they do not have much in the first place, so why should they need much storage room.  Space for a small cot, a wood stove, and a toilet are all anybody really needs.  After the whole project, we will also tax them as we must protect the rich job creators who founded America.
     In this plan, much is to be gained.  By achieving the goal oh housing homeless, the economy will be better off in the long run.  The unemployed will gain long-term jobs.  local stores will gain revenue from their newly housed customers.  But we cannot forget the most important change, the main objective, housing those who needed it.  With this change we will together, be a stronger, more humane country.
     As we are just building shelters, why do we use resources on individual cubbies?  They were fine in the vast shelters on gym floors.  This is inhumane.  It is treating them like animals.  They are people too and must be treated as such.  Therefore, it is essential the former homeless get to feel as great as we feel everyday.  This will really be the land of the free  if the homeless are free to live in houses.