Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unreliable Narrator

  I was on a train to see my parents.  I was nervous because they don't really think much of me. I could not hold a job, a friend, and they said I was off.  Whatever that means.  How am I off, I don't really do anything wierd, I think.  They call me crazy but I don't go around screaming or doing anything else stupid.
   Anyway a bald bearded man boarded the train and sat next to me."Good morning."
   He didn't reply he was looking at his watch.  He didn't even look up.  Could he not hear me.
   He looked forward, but not at me.  All the other passengers were looking at me wierdly, I think.  I laughed hard.  I always do it in times like this for no reason.  Its usually not even funny, I think.  He looked at me seeing everybody else was.
   He saw me laughing and gave me a look of disgust.  "What's your problem?" I said.  He did not answer.  This was getting annoying.  I wanted to slap him.  It was as if he was playing a sick joke on me for his own amusement.  In his disgust I can see him trying to hold in the laughter.  What a jerk.  I can't wait to get off this train and... hey are there candies for sale at the front of the train.  I want some.
   This is when his stupid joke will really be annoying.  "Excuse me."
   He moved I could not believe it. I was going to say something but I forgot.  Too focused on the candy I wanted.  Do I want mints or gummies.  I come back with both tummies and mints since the decision was to difficult.  The man is now on a laptop.
  "Excuse me," I said.  No response of course.  "Excuse me!?" A lot of people looking my way again, I think.  No response.  What a jerk.  "EXCUSE ME!!!!" he looked up with a look of pain on his face.  He moved.  I could not figure it out. Its like... these gumies are really good.  I like the orange ones most; wait what was I thinking about.  I hate it when I do this.
   Apparently we were halfway there.   Its been an hour and this guy won't budge.  A lady came by with coffee, asks the man if he want train No reply.
   "Don't bother he's being a jerk," I said.  Wow, this guy is mean.  He looks at me while looking out the window.  "What's your problem, are you pretending to not hear us."  No reply.  I can't take it I'm done.  I went to sleep.
   I'm awoken by the jerk.  He was poking me gesturing the train was here, I think.
   I took a taxi to my parents' place.  It was a nice quiet house in with a forest on three sides of it.  At least that's what I remember.  When I got there my parents treated me like I was stupid.  I wasn't.  I don't know why they did.  They made sure to give me directions of where to put the thats when I was done.  I laughed hysterically at this.  Why am I laughing.  This isn't funny.  I got up to go to the bathroom bit walked into the door on the way.  Maybe thats why... no of course not.  Everybody has these moments a the time like me, I think.  When I finally washed my hands I realized I went in the trash. Oops.  Not again.  I did this at the hospital, I think.  I decided to empty the trash into the toilet.  I flushed the toilet and watched the toilet clogg.  Maybe there is an issue... no I'm perfectly normal.  Happens all the time, I think.
   When I leave the bathroom the bathroom my mom talks about her experiences at the school for the deaf she works at.  "I'm expecting a former student tonight," she said.
   Oh great.  They are the worst.  Hopefully he doesn't pretend like the jerk.  I started laughing again.  Why? I don't know.  Just happens.  Even annoys me because I've done it so much today.
   Later tonight, before dinner,  the bell rings.  I walk into the door before I remember to open it.  When I finnaly manage to open it, a bald bearded man is at the door.  "Good evening!" he says in a strange tone.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Short Story (FINAL)

           Farther East than any other kingdom before lie the ruins of a castle greater, richer, and larger than any other, who’s great halls and passages once bright and crowded fall still and dark, whose walls once bright and colorful, now a depressed grey.  The outer walls that were once high and strong now crumbled like the land of fallen stone and wood structures before it. The courtyard of trees and white flowers, now dark and lifeless.  All that remained was one knight whose fault was the castles decay.  He is now far away, without title or name.  All he has is the armor of the kingdom in which he came from and the revenge upon the dark force which took it.  But now in his old age it would be a long, treacherous, and difficult journey to make back to the East.  It took him years to get him where he is now and certainly longer to go back for he has only looked back longer without action.
            With years of thought he put back on the armor which he had not worn since the day the castle fell and sword in hand he mounted his horse and left.  The journey he knew would be long and he had years ahead of him before he sees the stone and fallen marble statue again.  He has been journeying through the thick forest for months without sings of another to talk to, the green leaves and brown trunks getting ever thicker, the eyes of the long legged, harmless animals looking at him through the luscious leaves before slipping away to what seemed safer grasslands to graze upon, the sky getting less visible through the dark green leafy roof,  the wind was the only one speaking to him as it whistled between the trees, and the longer he went the more tired him and the black mount beneath his legs got.  Days seemed like minutes, months like days, and before he realized, if he had been tracking the moon correctly he had departed for one year.  He had been through a vast, dim forest; an empty, endless plain; a fiercely snowy mountain pass; miles of old, tired, dirt roads; tiring, muddy hills, and small, morbid villages recovering from the darkness which over took his kingdom.  Two more years pass by the aged and rugged knight, who now grows weary and hopeless, until the day had come.
He stares at his king, cracked and mossy, remembering the towering marble it once was before the most unfortunate day.  He unmounts and the horse takes its chance at running away in fear for it knew what evil darkness lies inside.  The knight without thought does not see it off but remains focused on the stone ruins crumble below his aching shaky feet.  All that can be heard is his armor as he moves and his barely noticed faint breath as he is astonished seeing what lay before him.  Slowly as he hikes closer to the castle, he finds it harder to breathe as if a poison is in the air.  It is not his imagination either, it is real.  He ambles through the front gate breathing heavily.  But he is starting to hear something, like thousands of men whispering satanic phrases to him at a time.  Through the passages he struggles to breathe.  Suddenly the poison falls and is gone, without a trace.  As he enters the great hall he trembles.

The glare of the knight's armor could not balance out the darkness before him.  He could feel the evil gaze upon him as he ambled over the mossy stone.  The iron grinding against the chain mail shook the halls and golden throne itself.  Iron shuffling across moss and stone shook the surrounding cobble.  Every step boomed like thunder ad every scratch like lighting,

He knew it was the end of his journey and returning home was no longer possible.  He figured if was to go down in flames so would his enemy.  He pulled from his sheath the sword his king had failed his people with.  He remembered how the king succumbed to his injuries before he could defeat the darkness.

  Out of the fire which consumed the towers came the winged darkness.  Its tail like lighting and its roar thunder leaving a black smoke in its path.  He turned in circles with the purest sword in hand.  It was said to be crafted by a god and made for a king.  The dragon would be reincarnated by the flames to be consumed again.  The fire was spreading to the top of the central tower where he stood.  The beast surfaced to swipe its tail at him but missed.  The king swung and swung but always fell short.  Fatigued, the king gave in and dropped the sword.  Falling to the ashes the sword gleamed and disappeared.  The king was struck in the chest by the tail and the tower fell never to be seen or buried.  But never forgotten.

The darkness took its infamous form and clawed its way to the knight.  With little hesitation, he walked toward his life-long foe.  The dragon snapped at him, missing each time.    At last, the dragon opened its mouth to spit out flames, but the knight felt the presence of his family he lost years ago, and with only thoughts of them drove the sword through the black skull.  Like his family, he was burned to ashes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


   Usually nothing really bothers me, but when when something is uneven or the volume of a computer or television is on an odd number or something is not straight I go nuts.  People think it is funny that it bothers me while I see them as wierd for not seeing it my way.  They also think it is funny to watch me go nuts over the odd numbers.  Even if I am not watching the television, it annoys me to know it is not on an even volume.  I cannot think about anything but that number and sometimes it even makes me pull out my own hair.  I will bang the table, kick the wall, anything to get my mind off the number.

  My brother annoys me the most about it.

   Shouldn't you be doing your homework?
  Shouldn't you be getting a job?

  This shouldn't bother you?

  It wouldn't if you were watching it in your own house.

  Of course I only speak this way to him when he purposely changes the volume.  I do not really mean what I say to him but I was just driven insane by him annoying and taunting me.  I get even more infuriated when he talks to my parents about the issue.

   He really needs to get over this.

   I run down the stairs from my room.  Maybe you should be considerate.  Does it really inconvenience you that much to just put the volume on an even number.  It's just one number.

  Exactly, it's just one number. Whats the deal?  Go do your homework.

  Go step on a Lego.  Wow that was pretty rough.  That was the worst thing yet.  I cannot believe I just said that.  If everybody had their personal hell I'm pretty sure Lego brick filled floors would be one of them.  Those fun toys are nasty things to stepever with socks.  Its as if the have razorblades stick out when they scence their next victim.

   Aside from that, I get so mad I cannot even talk so I run up the stairs stomping like a child.  Ugh!

  If I were to walk down the stairs and see the couch crooked I would straighten it even if somebody was sitting in it. I would adjust it on one side then to make it even adjust it on the same way hands in the exact same position.  In my room, its a disaster.  I have to put the keyboard and mouse correctly aligned, make sure everything is straight, and and check to see if the disk in my PlayStation 3 is straight.  Of course my brother does not understand so he does not straighten it when he is done which bothers me.

   Overall, the most annoying thing is when I fix something and somebody deliberately messes it up.  This makes me just want to scream everything about them that disappoints me like George Costansa's Festivus from Seinfield.  Of course, it's Brandon who does this the most.  He thinks it helps me, or he says he does...  he probably does not.

   I think you should go to a psychiatrist for this because it has to stop.

   I think you should get your drivers license so you can drive me.

  I only use this tactic because it is sure to get him so mad to stop annoying me about me being annoying.  But it is not really me, it is all the odd numbers, unstraightened objects, and chairs not pushed in all the way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


  In the year 3000, the humans decided they needed more air to breathe in there new colony.  The finest platoon of all was sent on the mission. As they left their home they looked at the purple surface of their new home they remembered from stories the one they are now heading to. The green of trees and blue of the oceans.  Nobody alive has seen it now but they knew it lay in pieces held close by gravity.
  The journey would take two months if it weren't for the attackers they came across.  Some other life forms seemed to have taken control of their old home.       They could not believe it.  As admiral Bill slowly and cautiously crept through the minefield of enemy dreadnaughts.
  People back at the new colony had expected the worst after four months went by. Their families greived and leaders feared for the air supply.  They had lost contact with Bill and his platoon due to the enemy sattelites.  However Bill had bigger issues; the air in the emergency tanks was low.  Thankfully, they could now see their destination.  It was not blue and green, but grey from ash and smoke.  It lay in three chunks with a mile if space between each other.  Bill landed the ship and used the tracker too find the real target.  After two hours the lost hope. It was gone. Probably dead for centuries.
  That was when they saw it.  The last one. They stared up the dark brown trunk.  The leaves so green they could not believe it.  They have never seen one in their life.  They were appauled.  They carefully uprooted it making sure to not harm its roots.
   As they loaded it into the ship they saw enemy spacecrafts coming at them.  "To your stations quick!"  Anounced Bill when they got out of the atmosphere they did the most risky action imaginable.  They turned the thrusters on while in an asteroid belt gaurded by the enemy.
   Two months later they arrived at the colony. They were honored by the colony's governors.  By year 3900, the colony was full of trees thanks to Bill.